Who we are?
migswineconsulting is a multidisciplinary agency for the wine industry (winegrowers, unions of winegrowers, consorzii, wine regions). Besides our other activities, we introduce you to our EU&Public Affairs department.migswineconsulting focuses its operations only on the wine industry. We help companies and organisations to influence the development and implementation of EU public policy, design and implement media and communications campaigns in Brussels and across the EU.

Our mission.
Our mission is to take the lead in advising the wine operators and establish a benchmark for
studies in the wine sector.
Our EU&Public Affairs division wants to highlight the contribution of wine to th european project,
to the european culture and way of life.
We want to promote authenticity, good products, diversity of wines and originality of the
Our spirit.
Since the creation of migswineconsulting, we wanted to create an environment in which the
diverse skills and the creativity of our team can be recognised. Honesty, frankness, recognition
and trust are essentials for our activity, our clients and our team.

What we do.
Our focus is to help clients engage in the European Union (EU) political ystem.
Due to our regular presence in Brussels, we follow up european wine policies and keep
permanently in touch with european decision makers (intergroupe vin EP, MEP’s, french MP’s.
Our network also includes former members of national and european parliaments, political
persons ans civil servants.
We can advocate the needs of the european wine industry in case of new regulations.
We also ensure a legislative watch to give you an in-depth and immediate follow-up of important
items linked with the wine industry and discussed at european or national level.

We organise events to promote your wine & your region in the EP in collaboration with wine-conscious MEP’s.
We can help you for
• EU strategy: helping businesses, consorzii, wine associations, wine regions to develop
strategies to better benefit from European opportunities.
• Corporate strategy: developping business plans and feasability studies for specific projects.
Advising on financial opportunities.
• Setting up ad management of european networks and association management. It
includes: setting up the orgaisation, day to day management, advocacy strategies, organisation of
seminars, development of internal and external projects
• Representation of the wine industry in Brussels. Monitoring services regarding EU policy
developments in the area of wine-conscious
• Communication strategies

Our team.
Miguel D DESNERCK, Founder of migswineconsulting. degree law, degree international
relations/political science, former belgian parliamentary staff assistant, entrepreneur, belgian,
living in Brussels/London. Founder. Wine publisher. Wine speaker. Speaks, french, dutch, german,
spanish, italian, english, basic russian
Henry BORZI, degree political science, italian, living in Brussels. EU journalist. Speaks french,
italian, spanish, portuguese
Melissa KETO, degree law, french, living in Italy. Local correspondant of migswineconsulting.
Speaks french, italian, english, spanish
Liliana MITU, romanian, living in Romania. Local correspondant of migswineconsulting. Speaks
french, dutch, romanian, italian

Some references.
These wineries already worked with migswineconsulting: cantina Boffenisio (Lombardia), Cantina
Grancia di Romitelli (Molise), Az. Agricola Leonardo Ronfini (Prosecco), Chateau le Pape (Pessac-Léognan), Chateau Haut-Piquat (Lussac Saint-Emilion), Clos Fornelli (AOC Corse), Clos Capitoro
(AOC Ajaccio), Seppi Landmann-vigneron de la vallée Noble (Alsace), Chateau Mauconseil
(Luberon), Bordeaux wine Heritage (publishing company for Bordeaux region), Aquitaine
Croisieres (cruising ship on the Gironde) and lots of others…

To contact us.
a division of DESNERCK MEDIA Ltd (inc England & Wales 07288954)
Bd du souverain 34, B1170 BRUXELLES. +32470839201
twitter: @migswineconsulting



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